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Reel Stories

Fishing Experiences with Captain Ozzie


When booking my trip with Ozzie I told him I wanted to learn about bay fishing so I would to ask a lot of questions. He said that was fine. We left the harbor at 6:30 am. Ozzie immediately started telling me places to catch fish accessible to my kayak. The first place we stopped we caught redfish after redfish. Most were keepers. We hit several other spots and each time Ozzie explained why he picked that spot and what he expected us to catch. We were not disapointed. Ozzie's approach to fishing is simple and no nonsense. He explained the best way to use a poping cork with live shrimp and what artificials he likes. He explained how tides and winds affect water movement in different areas of the Gulf Coast. It was time well spent. With all the fish we caught and all I learned, it was Ozzie's laid back manner and sense of humor that made the whole day worth it.

Fishing Stories

Joseph, Debbie and Randy Carter

I can’t tell you how much my family enjoyed the fishing trip with “The Pelican”. Captain Ozzie knows Matagorda Bay and where the fish are. We got back to the harbor and other anglers saw our catch and asked if we went all the way to Port O’Conner to find the fish! I just smiled at them and said you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I hate long boat rides, especially when returning to the harbor after of a hard day of fishing.

Captain Ozzie was very helpful casting for my wife and eight year old son. He had both types of reels, but he could cast the spin cast further out for my wife and 8 year old. Of course we never baited our own hook. The day started with Captain Ozzie casting out a line for my 8 year old. That (first cast) resulted in him catching 22” 5-6lb Speck. We were all so excited watching him battle that fish. For the record, neither me or my wife have caught a speck of that size.

Captain Ozzie asked our son what he ate for breakfast? He said…cinnamon doughnuts! Well, I now know what I’ll have for breakfast the next time we book a trip with Captain Ozzie and there will be more. It was like fishing with a member of our family. Again Captain Ozzie, thanks for making our trip so convenient and effortless.

Fishing Stories
Fishing Stories

Mike Walters

I've been on a few fishing trips with Captain Ozzie and we always caught fish. Here is what happened on one of them.

It was another typical South Texas fall morining with a nice, cool, light east wind. My father-in-law, Ozzie, and I headed across the bay in the dark to find our first fishing spot. I was surprised to see how well he could find this spot after running across the bay in the dark with NO GPS. We got set up and within a couple of minutes we started catching fish. Before we knew it we had 17 trout and a couple of reds in the box, but we ran out of bait, so we decided to go get some more bait. When we went back out, Ozzie said, "Now let's go catch some redfish." So we went to a different spot and, sure enough, we started to catch redfish. We limited out on reds and had a blast doing it.

Ozzie's from the old school and knows the bays like the back of his hand. He is always willing to help you any way he can. He makes sure you are casting right and is willing to tell you a good fishing story. If you're looking for a good time on the bay, you don't need to look any farther. Ozzie is the man.

Fishing Stories

Tracie Arnold

Captain Ozzie took me and my sons on a unforgetable fishing trip. While riding across the bay before dawn, Ozzie leaned over the console and told me, "We're gonna catch a lot of fish today." I never doubted him, but I had no idea how right he was.

Every moment was exciting. Ozzie was enthusiastically teaching and coaching the whole time. With his knowledge and experience, he used the wind and tide to predict where fish would be feeding. Ozzie told TJ, my oldest son, "Fish off the point. That's where the trout usually hold." TJ ended up putting 8 trout in the box. Ozzie told my son JW where to fish for redfish, and JW caught the biggest red.

Each cast was exciting. At one point, the fish were biting as soon as the bait hit the water. The redfish were such strong swimmers, the muscles in my arms ached from the constant pull. I later noticed I had bruises on my stomach from bracing the pole. After catching countless fish, we were excited and exhausted.

My sons and I had a wonderful time fishing with Captain Ozzie. The morning produced 12 legal reds and 8 legal trout. It was the best fishing trip we ever had. I never understood why fishing is considered a sport until I went fishing with Capain Ozzie.

Fishing Stories

DeWitt H. Butler

I booked a Jan. 1st. fishing trip over the phone with Capt. Ozzie after getting a referral for him from a Sea Drift area Guide Capt. Jay Baker.

I had been working on the North Slope of Alaska the last few months and wanted to get out with my son and daughter and do some fishing while home in East Bernard for the holidays. My wife doesn’t care to fish and as it turned out my daughter went the same way as her mom and it was up to my son Ben (16yo) and me to bring home some fish.

We scheduled the trip for Jan 1st and Ozzie said he would keep Friday the 2nd available as well because of the unpredictable weather this time of year. As it turned out the nicer weather was on the 2nd and we went out then.

We left dock @6:45AM under a heavy sea fog. Ozzie headed toward East Bay and had us fishing in no time. The water was like glass and it was fairly clear 3 feet down which worked against us. We tried several spots between 7 and 10am but were not having any luck. The fog finally lifted and we headed for West Bay. We meandered up a nice back water area and fished it the whole way up till it got too narrow to navigate. During that time we caught fish, laughed at Ozzie’s stories, caught fish, ate food, more fish, and pretty much forgot that we had just met the man a few hours earlier. This was exactly the relaxing time I wanted to get in while home from Alaska. With fish in the cooler we headed back out and stopped at another spot and immediately began catching fish. It was like they were just waiting there for Ozzie’s boat to pull up. After a while we headed further up and stopped at what turned out to be the last and best spot of the day.

Ozzie positioned the boat, threw out the anchor, cast out his rod, handed it to my son (neither me or my son can cast with a bait cast reel, we had been using spin cast the whole day) and 10 seconds later Ben hooked a nice size redfish. We fished that hole the next couple hours and had a grand time. We put fish in the cooler and it just about wore me out trying to keep up with Ozzie and Ben.

Capt. Ozzie seemed to go out of his way to make sure we had a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. I would never hesitate to use his services again or to recommend them to anyone else. In fact I hope to get together with him again in the spring.

For what you want on a guided bay fishing trip, this man’s knowledge, experience and abilities are worth every penny.